*Boiler Cost Assistance Required*

As some of you may recall a couple of weeks ago we had some serious boiler trouble, that has resulted in the club having to pay a huge 4.5K excluding VAT to replace it. If there is anyone out there, that could help contribute in some way either financially of by doing a little fund raising the club will be greatly indebted.

If you would like to help out or contribute in anyway or would like further information, please contact Bob Marchant (Chairman) or myself Simon Butler (Vice Chairman) Mobile - 07714531367. Thank for your time regarding reading this article and we look forward to hearing from you.

**Marie Wedge’s Funeral Details**

Marie Wedges funeral is on Friday 17th February at Worthing Crematorium (11am). The wake will be held back at Arundel Social Club. Everyone is welcome to attend in a celebration and to remember Marie's all to short life.