Pictured Above:  Captain Ollie Humphries one of our goal scorers. 

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Match Highlights courtesy of Forrest Row FC

1. Ollie Howley2. Toby Pointing 3. Steve Herbert 4. Harrison Mott (65mins)5. Ollie Humphries (Capt)6. Rob Madden (62mins)7. Carl Brown (68mins)8. John Phillips 9. Harry Russell (68mins)10. Liam Brady 11. James Crane (47mins)

  12. Ryan Quirke (65mins)14. Keiron Howard (47mins)15. Jack Ratcliffe (62mins)16. Matt Storm (68mins)17. Joe Futers (68mins)


Attendance – 45

Goal Scorers – Phillips, Herbert, OG, Howard, Humphries 

Yellow Cards –  NoneRed Cards –  None