*Arundel (YOUTH) Information*

Arundel FC Youth was reformed in 2019.  The reason behind the reformation of the youth set up was to develop players at grass roots level to a good standard so they can progress through the club with the aim to play for the first team. We also invest in developing our mangers/coaches skills and knowledge to achieve the highest level possible to keep the club improving.

Arundel FC youth strive to provide a good standard of coaching throughout all their teams. All managers and coaches have qualifications in Child protection, emergency aid FA qualified to a minimum of level 1. We also conduct club training sessions where the managers and coaches get to learn new drills as well as any new procedures the FA have requested. Also the coaches get to take sessions with a wide range of age groups to improve their knowledge and ability.

All our managers/coaches have great attitudes and drive to achieve the clubs aims/goals which is to teach and develop the skills the boys and girls need at grass roots to become the best football players they possibly can.

Arundel FC future development plan for the youth teams is to create a high standard of players who have the ability, knowledge and skill to possibly move into the professional side of the game.

We currently have teams for the new season 2020/21 as below

3x U9s team (2x all boys and 1x all girls)

1x U10s team

1x U11s team

1x U12s Team

If you require any information regarding the youth set up please contact us via:   Arundelfcyouth@gmail.com

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