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*Arundel (YOUTH) Information*

Arundel FC Youth was reformed in 2019.  The reason behind the reformation of the youth set up was to develop players at grass roots level to a good standard so they can progress through the club with the aim to play for the first team. We also invest in developing our mangers/coaches skills and knowledge to achieve the highest level possible to keep the club improving.

Arundel FC youth strive to provide a good standard of coaching throughout all their teams. All managers and coaches have qualifications in Child protection, emergency aid FA qualified to a minimum of level 1. We also conduct club training sessions where the managers and coaches get to learn new drills as well as any new procedures the FA have requested. Also the coaches get to take sessions with a wide range of age groups to improve their knowledge and ability.

All our managers/coaches have great attitudes and drive to achieve the clubs aims/goals which is to teach and develop the skills the boys and girls need at grass roots to become the best football players they possibly can.

Arundel FC future development plan for the youth teams is to create a high standard of players who have the ability, knowledge and skill to possibly move into the professional side of the game.

We currently have teams for the new season 2020/21 as below

3x U9s team (2x all boys and 1x all girls)

1x U10s team

1x U11s team

1x U12s Team

If you require any information regarding the youth set up please contact us via:   Arundelfcyouth@gmail.com

Arundel FC PreSeason Friendlies 2020-21

Arundel FC Provisional PreSeason Friendlies 2020

Sat 1st August - 1st Team HOME v Loxwood (1 v 4) 

Sat 8th August - 1st Team AWAY v Littlehampton Utd (6 v 2)

Sat 15th August - 1st & 2nd Teams HOME v Lancing (1 v 3)

Sun 16th August - U18s AWAY v Broadbridge Heath (3 v 0)

Tues 18th August - 1st Team AWAY v Hassocks (2 v 2)

Tues 18th August - U18s Team HOME v Rustington (4 v 2)

Sat 22nd August - 1st Team HOME v Tadley Calleva (1 v 3)

Sat 29th August - 1st Team AWAY v Upper Beeding (3 v 3)

Simon Hull (Covid19 Lockdown Review)

Trevor Knell Interview (Click Link)

Simon Hull: It’s been a challenge (COVID19 Lockdown Review)

 Courtesy of Trevor Knell 

Last week I caught up with Arundel FC boss Simon Hull to gain an insight at how Step 6 clubs have coped with the lockdown period and this is what he had to say:

Trevor Knell: When football was suspended by the FA back in March Arundel had nearly half a season to play in around six weeks, how much pressure do you think that would have put on the players to manage 3 or even 4 games a week?

Simon Hull: It would have been a real challenge and tested the depth of our squad to the limit. Considering our players have full time jobs and aren’t afforded the luxury of rest days it would have been tough undoubtedly.

Trevor Knell: How did you approach the lockdown period once the season had been marked null and void?

Simon Hull: We (the coaching staff and myself) made multiple plans for various start dates, a best guess exercise really. I also kept in regular contact with our players advising them and updating them to the best of our knowledge. It was difficult but everyone has been in the same boat.

Trevor Knell: Has it been easy or sometimes difficult to keep the players you have close and to approach players you want without a start date in mind?

Simon Hull: Our players have been first class, I can’t speak highly enough of them. Almost all have committed to the club for next season too, we have approached a couple of players with a view to adding to the squad and giving us more depth and quality, honesty is the only approach that works in my book. Fortunately, we have been able to offer 1 to 1 sessions and now group work courtesy of my coaching staff. They have been working around the clock to accommodate all the lads and deserve a special mention.

Trevor Knell: Now that we have a tentative start time as September, is your planning now able to become a bit more through so you are ready to hit the ground running?

Simon Hull: Yes, we have things planned for the players which are now ongoing until the season commences, all things being equal let’s hope it is September. We have been training in small groups as per the guidance and also individually for a month now so we’re relatively in a good place.

Trevor Knell: How do you think the football landscape will look at Step 5 when the season begins?

Simon Hull: Purely speculation and opinion, let the powers that be provide guidance and an exact start date ensuring safety is an absolute priority, lives come before football. I expect and hope we mirror last season with the number of promotion places up for grabs and being able to enter the FA Cup and Vase. Whilst I understand there may be time constraints for the Cup there has to be an element of common sense to work around this. Steps 4, 5 and 6 clubs place huge emphasis on being able to compete for prize money and to miss out would be terrible for clubs at the lower end of the pyramid. Whilst be financially important for clubs, it’s a highlight for players and coaches alike. Scrap all replays but don’t devalue the competition by reducing the entry.

Trevor Knell: Has the club been able to maintain itself over the last three months and be in a position to begin once again in the next couple of months?

Simon Hull: It’s been a challenge! We have lost all revenue streams without the bar and clubhouse. Fortunately, sustainability is at the forefront of the Arundel model. It’s an expensive business but we have prudent people who look after the club’s finances so we should get through it but it’s not easy.

Trevor Knell: Given the make up of Division One should look the same as it did last season, what are you expecting to happen?


Simon Hull: I’m hoping it’s the top 4 being promoted again as was supposedly the case last season for the restructure. Time will tell and we shall see, but I expect to see the same sides challenging again.

Trevor Knell: Finally, the lockdown period can be viewed as a great time for reflection and for re-set. What things if any have you yourself from a football perspective felt a good time to change?

Simon Hull: We have had a slight restructure with regards to the management set-up and introduced a reserve side instead of the Under 23’s alongside our existing Under 18 team. We analysed closely last season what we did well and more importantly areas we felt we could make improvements and have implemented some change we hope is for the better.

My thanks to Simon for his time answering these questions.