Kieron Bridges ‘Ground Hopper’ Hits his 1000th Ground visited at Arundel


1000 Grounds Visited

Kieron ‘Groundhopper’ Bridges Review

Keen Groundhopper Kieron Bridges has chosen Mill Road, Arundel to mark as his 1000th Ground. To get to the 1000 has entailed, meticulous planning and dedication; from train Journeys from Worcestershire up to West Didsbury on a Friday night to overnight bus journeys across to Germany and negotiating public transport systems in the Czech Republic. Here are a few of the highs and lows:

Countries I’ve seen football in – 20

Favourite ground in the world – Omonia Nicosia, (Cyprus)

Favourite UK ground – Rothes (Highland League, Scotland) – nothing better than a distillery next door to the ground and a game delayed by rabbits invading the pitch!

Most scenic ground – (present ground excepted) – Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, beautiful backdrop of Mountains/volcano

Most surreal experience – Branik (Czech Republic)– postponement when away side boss launched a full on assault on the referee

Most ambitious hop – The Liberec/Pardubice/Pardubice treble ( 2 football matches and horseracing in the Czech Republic)

Best social club – Gainsborough (so far!)

Worst ground visited – Grantham – athletics track meaning miles from the pitch

Worst experience – Trying to get the first ‘z’ ground in at Zarica Kranj (Slovenia) and the heavens literally opening with a dumping of snow.

Most dilapidated ground – Dunipace (West Scotland)) – not quite sure how many attempts at arson had been made on their facilities!

What happens next…

Ground 1001 – Longsocks (West Sussex Sunday league tomorrow – followed immediately by Horsham!)

Along with his long suffering girlfriend Jane, who is on 950 herself Kieron is looking forward to his day at Mill Road and is keen to push on towards 2000!

Arundel FC congratulate you on this amazing achievement and wish you all the best for your future exploits.

We hope you and your girlfriend Jane Andrews (Currently on 950 Grounds visited) enjoy you time at our lovely picturreie ground and enjoy our hospitality.

Best Wishes

Arundel FC Committee, Players and all associated with the club

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